Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Vermont was selected as the number one alternative base to host the new F-35 and would be the first Guard base to fly them.

A recent Environmental impact study done by the Air Force has been published and contains large amounts of information containing the F-35.

Opponents of the F-35 are using this study and twisting the facts to try to scare people into joining their cause, but it is not working. Their number one complaint is the noise, but that complaint has been already proven wrong

  1. The F-35 has a stronger engine then the current F-16 which allows it to take off without the use of afterburner
  2. The F-35 can climb to altitude quicker thus mitigating the noise at take-off
  3. The number of sorties flow will be reduced 

Another fact they try to skew is the number of new homes that fall within the 65 DNL zone and are now classified as "uninhabitable" by the FAA. They are trying to say that it will drag down the housing prices and those individuals will leave Vermont.

  1. 60-65 db is the average decibel rating for normal conversation.
  2. The increased houses that fall within the range are due to new development of the area since the last impact study was done.
  3. F-4's were extremely loud when they were based in Vermont and yet the Greater Burlington Area grew
  4. F-16's are loud, but still Burlington grew.
  5. If individuals were so concerned about the noise and the impact on the housing, then why does the population of the Greater Burlington Area still increase year after year?
Those who don't support the F-35 "demand" that our representatives hold a public hearing. Well guess what, they know that the majority of the people in Vermont support it and they are not going to give into "demands"

For a list of F-35 FAQ's go here

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